The Review Panel is aware of cases when a family member of a person holding a conflict-related conviction has been unsuccessful when applying for a job or training position due to that relatives conviction. This can relate to forms that ask for details regarding security clearance checks information when you will be required to provide information regarding natural parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, step-parents, legal guardians, siblings and partner’s father and mother. This could relate to joining the police or army. But it could also be linked to access to security sites. The Review Panel would like to hear about such cases in which a family member has been vetted due to a relative’s conviction.

Are you a family member who has been vetted?

If you do not hold a conflict-related or any conviction and have been rejected for Security Clearance, Developed Vetting or Counter-Terrorism check you should contact the Review Panel. They will direct you to the Special Advocate system. This could lead to the appointment of a Special Advocate. This is a person who;

is a specially appointed lawyer (typically, a barrister) who is instructed to represent a person’s interests in relation to material that is kept secret from that person (and his ordinary lawyers) but analysed by a court or equivalent body at an adversarial hearing held in private.