The purpose of the Review Panel is to assist employers follow best practice in recruiting people with conflict-related convictions. It also provides advice and support for those who have been rejected from employment and who hold convictions arising directly from the most recent period of conflict in Northern Ireland. Generally, they are offences listed in the relevant schedules to the various Emergency Provisions (Northern Ireland) Acts pre-April 1998.

The Review Panel can provide help and advice to those with convictions and contact employers on their behalf with regard to issues such as;

  • being qualified for a post and being rejected at the application stage due to holding a conviction;
  • being advised that a conflict-related convictions is deemed as materially relevant when you feel this not to be the case;
  • a relative who does not have a conviction but is vetted from a post/job due to your conflict related conviction;
  • being asked to complete an AccessNI checks that is not required for the post applied for;
  • being refused a Security Clearance Certificate;
  • passing interview and being offered employment that is then withdrawn after declaration of a conviction;
  • being rejected after an AccessNI check by an employer that does not provide a written policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders.