The Review Panel was formally established in August 2010 as part of the St. Andrew’s Agreement. It is tasked with considering individual cases, building up evidence regarding the acceptance and adoption of Employers’ Guidance, and producing progress reports on the impact of the Employers’ Guidance. As stipulated within the Employers’ Guidance, the Review Panel is tripartite in nature comprising one representative from each of the parties involved in monitoring the Guidance Principles, as well an independent Chair. The Review Panel reviews and monitors the capacity of those with conflict-related convictions to enter the labour market.

The Panel comprises the following:

  • Professor Peter Shirlow (Independent Chair)
  • TEO Director (The Executive Office)
  • Peter Bunting (Irish Congress of Trade Unions)
  • Alan Mercer (Confederation of British Industry)

The Secretariat is provided by staff from the Equality & Strategy Directorate within The Executive Office.