The Review Panel works to monitor the impact of vetting laws upon the capacity of these within conflict-related convictions to enter the labour market. It does this through promoting the ‘Employers’ Guidance on Recruiting People with Conflict-Related Convictions’ and working upon cases brought to them by conflict-related prisoners whose convictions affect their capacity to gain work. It also works with family members who have also been vetted from employment opportunities due to a relative’s conviction. In determining an information base upon which to examine the impact of the Employers’ Guidance on Recruiting People with Conflict-Related Convictions the following approach was adopted by the Review Panel and included:

  • Meeting employers, service providers and related regulatory bodies
  • Acting in a supportive role for the Employers’ Guidance in support of the Ex-Prisoners Working Group
  • Considering individual cases from ex-prisoners with regard to related employment issues
  • Examining the outline process which would need to be taken if the guidance was to be put onto a statutory basis
  • Reporting to the Ex-Prisoners Working Group and The Executive Office on the above

The following outline process was agreed with regard to cases that emerged in relation to employment issues:

  • The Secretariat would inform the Panel that a case had been received
  • Individuals would be encouraged in the first instance to fully engage with any appeals process
  • Once this process was completed the Panel would consider the case and what action would be taken. That usually involved contacting the relevant employers and meeting with those ex-prisoners who cited cases in which the Guidance appeared to be ineffective